Lloyd Aviation

IATA Code:  -

ICAO Code:  -

Known As: Lloyd

Full Name: Lloyd Aviation Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

Call sign: Queensland

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Brief History

During 1969, Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter Pty. Ltd. was formed & began charter operations.  By 1987, it had a fleet of 34 aircraft, based in S.A., N.S.W., Queensland & the N.T.

On 27 June, 1985, 79-seat Fokker F.28 Mk. 4181 Fellowship VH-LAR began charter services for Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter.  It was purchased to service a charter contract with SANTOS Ltd., for twice-daily Adelaide-Moomba services & a weekly extension to Jackson, Qld. & was not used for regular airline services (until it was used for nightly Ansett Adelaide-Alice Springs-Darwin services, during the Pilot's Dispute).
On 14 November, Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) began EMB-110 Bandeirante operations within South Australia, serving Kingscote, Olympic Dam, Port Lincoln & Whyalla from Adelaide.

On 09 March, 1986, F.27 VH-FNP operated Airlines of S.A.'s last service to/from Broken Hill.  Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) began their service the next day.

On 10 March, Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) began Adelaide-Broken Hill services.  During March Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) introduced Cessna Citations on their Adelaide-Port Lincoln & Adelaide-Whyalla routes.  They were soon withdrawn, with services reverting to Bandeirantes & a Cessna 402.

During late-April, Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) terminated their Adelaide-Broken Hill services.

On 01 June, 1987, Lloyd Air (Qld.) began operations within Queensland, on behalf of Ansett.  Initial operations covered Brisbane-Bundaberg & Gladstone & Brisbane-Biloela/Thangool-Blackwater-Emerald (the coalfields).
On 31 July, Bodas Pty. Ltd. purchased Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter Pty. Ltd.
Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) later reduced its services from Adelaide to Olympic Dam, Port Lincoln & Whyalla, but maintained its services to Kingscote.

During October/November, Lloyd Air (Qld.) chartered Rockwell Aero Commanders VH-NYA, NYB & NYF to operate some services, including Brisbane-Thangool-Blackwater-Emerald services.

On 11 November, Lloyd Air (Qld.) introduced the 1st of Lloyds four 25-seat Mohawk 298s, VH-HEI; mainly for Brisbane-Bundaberg-Gladstone services for Ansett.
The 2nd, VH-HIX, joined it on 26 November.  VH-HKS jointed it in June, 1988 & VH-HKT in August, 1988.  They were the 1st Mohawk 298s in Australia & had major technical & operational problems under Australian conditions.  They were later described as being a technical, operational & financial disaster.
During 1987, Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) considered serving Mt. Gambier, with possible extensions inter-state, but never commenced such operations.

During 1987, Lloyd Air (Qld.) chartered Cessna 441s VH-KDN, TFB, TFG, TFW, for unknown durations.

On 04 December, 1988, Lloyd Air (Qld.) ceased operations & was sold to Norfolk Group - the routes & some of its assets of were transferred to Queensland Pacific Airlines.

During September, 1989, Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) ceased all operations except their Adelaide-Kingscote service.  By that time their fleet consisted of Bandeirante VH-WBI & Cessna 402C VH-UCI.
During December, Shorts SD-330 VH-LSI began operations, mainly operating Adelaide-Kingscote, plus night freight work.
During the Pilots' Dispute, in late-1989, East-West's F.28 Mk. 4174 VH-EWA was leased to Lloyd Aviation & operated services to/from Norfolk Island.

Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter Pty. Ltd. / Lloyd Air (Qld.)/Lloyd Airlines (S.A.)/Lloyd Air Pty. Ltd. (airline operations only)

During 1990, Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter lost 2 major contracts.  This resulted in a decision to close-down the company & merge its charter operations into Skywest Aviation.  The 21 aircraft in its fleet were sold to Skywest Aviation & other operators.
On 18 March, 1990, Ansett N.T. commenced a short-lived weekly Adelaide-Yulara-Alice Springs service, using F.28 VH-LAR.  It was returned to Lloyd Aviation in July.

On 07 August, Fokker F.28 Mk. 4181 Fellowship VH-LAR was registered to Ansett Transport Industries.  On 18 August it was reregistered VH-FKO.

On 30 September, Lloyd Airlines (S.A.) ceased all operations, after Shorts SD-330 VH-LPI operated its last Kingscote-Adelaide service.


Cessna 402C        VH-UCI.
Cessna 441        VH-KDN, TFB, TFG, TFW (chartered, for some Queensland services during 1987).
Cessna 550 Citation II    VH-JBH, WGJ, WNZ.
Embraer 110        VH-CRG, KIP, KIR, LSE, MWV, MWX, PGS, WBI.
Embraer 120        Deposits were paid on 2 Brasilias in 1985, for delivery by end-1986.  But they were never delivered.
Fokker F.28 Mk. 4000    VH-EWA (during the 'Pilots' Dispute' only), LAR.
Mohawk 298        VH-HEI, HIX, HKS, HKT.   Lloyd reportedly originally intended to import up to 7 Mohawks, but only 4 were ever delivered.
Rockwell 690        VH-NYA, NYB, NYF (chartered, for some Queensland services from October/November 1987).
Shorts SD-3-30        VH-LSI.

Thanks to Daniel Tanner for photo use permission.