Southbank Aviation

IATA Code: -

ICAO Code: -

Known As: Southbank Aviation

Full Name: Southbank Aviation PTY LTD

Country: Australia

Call sign: 

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Brief History

During the 1970s, Southbank Aviation operated commuter services from Albion Park to Newcastle and Canberra.
The company would later relocate operations to Sydney, but Shellharbour Airport remained an important facility for pilot training and aircraft maintenance into the 1980s. The airline closed down on the 28th Aug 1990.

Fleet circa late 1970's

VH-MAK Cessna 414 Chancellor
VH-MAX Cessna 401/402
VH-SAM Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
VH-MAZ Cessna 340
VH-DYN Beech 90 King Air
VH-DRK Cessna 320
VH-UCC Cessna 500 Citation
VH-AAI Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

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