Queensland Airlines

IATA Code:  -

ICAO Code:  -

Known As: QAL

Full Name: Queensland Airlines Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

Call sign: Queensland

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Brief History

Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. owed its existence to Ronald 'Ron' John, Shafto Adair; a native of Maryborough.  After serving, with distinction, with the Australian Flying Corps. 1916-1918, including the famous N° 1 Squadron, in Palestine, Adair purchased an Avro 504K in 1919 & was the first person to fly from Sydney to Brisbane, landing at Albion Flats.

 He later flew joy-flights from Albion Flats & set out on a barnstorming tour of the Queensland countryside, to try to promote the use of civil aviation. Such flights continued until 1924.

During the latter half of 1926, he formed Courier Aircrafts P/L; acting as Managing Director & Chief Pilot.

Courier Aircrafts P/L operated services between Brisbane & Toowoomba, carrying the Brisbane Courier Mail newspapers, although passengers were carried when possible. Courier Aircrafts P/L ceased trading during 1927.

On 5 May, 1927, Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. was formed by Ron Adair, to perform air-taxi & charter work.

On 24 March, 1928, the company was registered, in Brisbane, with a nominal capital of £50,000, in £1 shares (of which 20,000 were available to the public).

It operated only charter & air taxi services until 4 October, 1929.
During May, Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. ordered its first Avro Avians. It became the Queensland agent for Avro the next month.

On 4 October, 1929, Aircrafts Pty. Ltd.’s inaugural service was flown, between Brisbane & Toowoomba, using Waco 10T VH-ULV. This service operated daily except Monday & Wednesday & was extended to Stanthorpe in August 1930 & later to Maryborough.

During 1947, Butler Air Transport Pty. Ltd. acquired Truth & Sportsman’s 50% of the shares of Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. By year’s end it held 93% of the shares.

On 28 February, 1948, New England Airways took over the Casino-Brisbane route from Aircrafts Pty. Ltd.

On 13 June, Aircrafts suspended services to Theodore, due to the landing strip’s condition.

By June, Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. served Brisbane-Maryborough-Bundaberg-Rockhampton-Clermont, Brisbane-Kingaroy-Monto-Thangool & Thangool-Rockhampton.

On 5 October, Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. purchased all Inland Air Services Pty. Ltd. shares & took over their operations. I.A.S. was wound-up on 20 January, 1949.

On 18 October, Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. was renamed Queensland Airlines Pty. Ltd.

Queensland Airlines Pty. Ltd. was absorbed into Ansett-ANA in 1966.