New England Airways 1931 - 1936

IATA Code: -

ICAO Code: -

Known As: NEAL

Full Name: New England Airways Ltd

Country: Australia

Call sign: -

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Brief History

Headquartered in Lismore, the first New England Airways (N.E.A.L) was formed in 1931 by George A Robinson with Sydney solicitor Arthur Allen as chair.

In August 1931 N.E.A.L began a bi-weekly Lismore-Archerfield (Brisbane) service, later extended to a Lismore-Mascot (Sydney) service, thus creating a Brisbane- Sydney service. The popularity of the service was such that N.E.A.L purchased a tri-motor Avro 10 and extended the service to a daily one.

On 18 September 1932 an N.E.A.L Puss Moth flying from Sydney to Brisbane crashed near Byron Bay. Among those killed was the pioneer Australian aviator Leslie Holden

The industry was also very unstable in financial terms, with companies emerging, closing or merging all the time. G A Robinson took advantage of this, acquiring other airline assets including those of Murray Valley Aviation as well as Australian National Airlines' (the airline founded by Kingsford Smith) Mascot hangar and workshop and one of its planes.

With broadening horizons and national ambitions, New England Airways was renamed Airlines of Australia in 1935.

Then, in 1942 the second ANA formed by the Holyman family in 1937 acquired Airlines of Australia, giving ANA a dominant position in Australian civil aviation.

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