Murray Valley Airlines

IATA Code: -

ICAO Code: -

Known As: Murray Valley Airlines

Full Name: Socair Pty Ltd trading as Murray Valley Airlines PTY LTD

Country: Australia

Call sign: -

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Brief History

Mildura-based Murray Valley Airlines (MVA), which was established in 1975 but ceased operations in October 1986 due to financial problems.

Socair Pty Ltd trading as Murray Valley Airlines also as Intercity Airlines

Airfares as noted under the Independant Air Fares Committee ACT 1981

Mildura - Melbourne $90.00
Mildura - Adelaide $71.00
Mildura - Broken Hill $62.00
Mildura - Renmark $44.00

Renmark - Adalaide $62.00
Melbourne - Broken Hill $135.00
Melbourne - Renmark $105.00

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Thanks to Daniel Tanner for photo use permission.