Mandated Airlines

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Known As: Mandated

Full Name: Mandated Airlines Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

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Brief History

On 30 September, 1936, W.R. Carpenter & Co (Aerial Service) merged with Pacific Aerial Transport, to form Mandated Airlines Ltd., based at Salamaua.

Initially the new airline was equally owned by W.R. Carpenter & the previous owners of P.A.T.  However, the P.A.T. shares were later sold to W.R. Carpenter.

W.R. Carpenter retained some aircraft from their own use, for a period.  Avro 642 VH-UXD entered service with Carpenters in December, 1936 & was not transferred to Mandated until April, 1937.

On 01 August, 1937, Mandated Airlines was awarded a 1-year Government contract to carry mail, official passengers & cargo Salamaua-Wau, Salamaua-Bulolo, Salamaua-Otibanda, Salamaua-Port Moresby, Wau-Otibanda & Wau-Port Moresby.

From February 1942 until January, 1946, Mandated Airlines ceased operations, because of the war situation.  A number of its aircraft were destroyed by enemy action.

During late-1945, W.R. Carpenters was offered the opportunity to purchase the complete batch of 24 ex-RAAF D.H.84 Dragons, stored at Tocumwal, NSW, from the Commonwealth Disposals Commission W.R. Carpenters eventually purchased 12 of them (the 1st for £100, the others for £50 each), becoming VH-AKX, AOP, AOQ, AOS, APL, ARI, ARJ, ASU, AYB, BDB, BDC & BDS.

During late-March, 1946, Mandated Airlines resumed non-scheduled operations, using D.H.84 Dragons VH-AOP & VH-AOQ.  VH-AOS & VH-APL joined them in May 1946.

On 28 August, Mandated Airlines resumed scheduled operations; the 1st civilian operator to do so in PNG after the war.  The 1st scheduled route was Lae-Madang-Hansa Bay-Angoram-Wewak.

On 07 May, 1948, Island Airways Ltd. was absorbed into Mandated Airlines Ltd.

On 15 November, 1958, Gibbes Sepik Airways Ltd. was sold to Mandated Airlines, but continued to trade under its name until 1 April, 1960.

On 01 April, 1960, Gibbes Sepik Airways & Madang Air Services formally ceased to exist, when they were fully absorbed into Mandated Airlines Ltd.

On 11 July, ANSETT-ANA’s first Sydney-Brisbane-Port Moresby ‘Golden Orchid’ service was operated by DC-6B VH-INT.
On 17 November, ANSETT-ANA’s PNG Manager announced that Ansett would apply for a licence to operate internal PNG services, under the title of Guinea Airways Pty. Ltd.

With A.T.I.’s purchase of Mandated Airlines on 18 January 1961, this plan was dropped.
During December 1960, Madang Air Services Ltd. was purchased, as part of W.R. Carpenter's moves to persuade A.T.I. to purchase Mandated Airlines.

On 06 January, 1961, Vic Nagle of M.A.L. announced that the airline had purchased 2 Piaggio P.166s for £60,000 each, to supplement & eventually replace its Norseman & planned to import another DC-3.

On 12 January, Ansett Transport Industries acquired Mandated Airlines Ltd. (M.A.L.) from W.R. Carpenter & Co., for £950,000 (approximately 2,000,000 fully-paid-up 5s 0d A.T.I. shares (approximately 8% of ATI’s shares), then valued at some 6s 4d each, plus £450,000 cash).

At that stage, Mandated Airlines was carrying some 23,000 passengers per years, mainly in DC-3s.  Whilst takeover discussions were taking place between Ansett & Mandated Airlines Ltd., a small charter firm, Madang Air Services Ltd., was acquired by Mandated Airlines Ltd.  That became the light aircraft division of ANSETT-M.A.L.

On 18 January, the purchase of Mandated Airlines was announced publicly & the company renamed Ansett-Mandated Airlines Ltd. (ANSETT-M.A.L.).

History by Fred Niven