Jet Charter Airlines

IATA Code: -

ICAO Code: -

Known As: Jetair

Full Name: Jet Charter Nominees Pty. Ltd

Country: Australia

Call sign: -

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Brief History

During February, 1978, it was reported that Southbank Aviation, Wollongong, had acquired a financial interest in Skywest, & Pilbara Air Services.

Early in 1978, W.A. licences were issued in the name of Jet Charterers, Redcliffe, WA, covering VH-CJP, VH-ERT, VH-PWA, VH-PWL, VH-PWV, & VH-PWY, to operate Karratha-Onslow, Karratha-Tom Price, Onslow-Learmonth, & Perth-Telfer.
On 01 July, the Jet Charter Airlines Group, of which Southbank Aviation was a part, acquired Skywest & Pilbara Air Services Pty. Ltd.

From that date Skywest & Pilbara Air Services became known legally as Jet Charter Nominees Pty. Ltd.
From September, Skywest & Pilbara Air Services Pty. Ltd. operated its airline services, under the title Jet Charter Airlines, from Perth to Telfer, mainly using Super King Airs, & from Karratha to Onslow, & Learmonth, & to Tom Price, mainly using Piper Aztecs, & Ted Smith Aerostars.

In November, the Jet Charter Airlines' fleet was advised as been Kings Airs VH-SPQ, & VH-AIH, Mitsubishi MU-2 VH-CJP, Piper Aztec VH-ERT, Piper Chieftain VH-PWA, & Ted Smith Aerostars VH-PWL, VH-PWV, & VH-PWY.

From 01 January, 1979, the airline services were operated under the trading name of Jet Charter W.A.
On 01 May, RPT services Perth-Telfer reverted to a charter arrangement, due to taxation arrangements on the King Air aircraft.

The Company withdrew from the Jet Charter Airlines Group during September.
On 03 October, Skywest Jet Charter Pty. Ltd. was formed.  The company had considered other titles, such as Western Jet Charter (with the Pilbara operations being North West Jet Charter).


Beech Super King Air    VH-AIH, SPQ, WNI.
Mitsubishi MU-2        VH-CJP, ENH. 
Piper Aztec        VH-ERT.
Piper Chieftain        VH-PWA.
Swearingen SA226    VH-SWN, SWO.
Ted Smith Aerostar    VH-PWL, PWV, PWY.

Information Source: Fred Niven