Eastern Australia Airlines



Known As: Eastern Australia Airlines

Full Name: Eastern Australia Airlines Pty Ltd.

Country: Australia

Call sign: Eastern

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Brief History

The airline was established and started operations in 1949. It began in Tamworth as a one-aircraft, one-pilot operation, known as Tamworth Air Taxi Service (soon after to be shortened to Tamair), serving farming communities in New South Wales and Queensland.Tamair operated from 1985 to 1998.

Having traded as East Coast Airlines, it changed its name to Eastern Australia Airlines in 1986, after a brief spell as just Eastern Airlines.

Australian Airlines purchased 26% of Eastern Australian Airlines from East-West Airlines in 1988, and the airline became a wholly owned subsidiary in 1991.

Qantas purchased Australian Airlines in 1992.
In 2002 Qantas created a common brand, encompassing AirLink, Sunstate Airlines, Eastern Australia Airlines, and Southern Australia Airlines.

From 2002 on see Qantaslink under Current Airlines.

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