Civil Flying Services

IATA Code: -

ICAO Code: -

Known As: Civil Flying Services

Full Name: Civil Flying Services Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

Call sign: -

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Brief History

Civil Flying Services Pty Ltd was registered as a company on the 26/08/1960.

1 April 1968  Civil Flying Services using Beechcraft Barons and Beechcraft Queen Air aircraft and Southern Airlines Piper Navajos and Cessna twins began to jointly operate a Perth - Rottnest route from this date following the decision by MMA to withdraw their DC-3 service to the island.

15 Oct 1971 a Civil Flying Services Beechcraft Queen Air VH-CFD had an undercarriage collapse at the
intersection of the two main runways at Perth. This closed the airport to all but light aircraft while the Beechcraft Queen Air was removed.

1 Oct 1973 Civil Flying Services commenced a service between Perth - Southern Cross - Norseman on

16 Aug 1976 Civil Flying Services commenced services between Perth and Bunbury, using a Beechcraft Queen Air aircraft.

13 June 1978 Civil Flying Services announced their intention to operate a Perth - Alice Springs service, using Metroliners, with a refuelling stop at Laverton a proving flight was undertaken on 1st August 1978.

24 July 1978 Civil Flying Services commence their Perth - Manjimup service, using a Beechcraft Baron aircraft on the twice weekly route.

22 Aug 1978 Civil Flying Services operated their inaugural service between Perth and Alice Springs,
with a refuelling stop at Laverton.

31 Aug 1979 Civil Flying Services withdraw from the Perth - Rottnest and Perth - Bunbury routes
the reason given was due to the rising cost of avgas, and the company decided to withdraw their remaining piston engined aircraft.

1 Sep 1979 Skywest operate their first service from Perth - Rottnest following the withdrawal of
Civil Flying Services from the route. On the same date Skywest take over the Perth - Bunbury service from Civil Flying Services

It is not known when the last flight of Civil Flying Services was.

The company was deregistered on the 01/12/2000 .

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