Australian Airlines Original



Known As: Australian Airlines

Full Name: Australian Airlines Ltd.

Country: Australia

Call sign: Australian

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Brief History

In 1946, the Commonwealth Government established the Australian National Airlines Commission which operated as Trans-Australia Airlines.

TAA was effectively the government's new domestic state airline in direct and fierce competition with the already existing independent carrier, Australian National Airways - ANA.

TAA quickly took over QANTAS's domestic route network allowing the two state airlines to handle domestic and international services independently.

In 1986 TAA was renamed Australian Airlines and the new livery was very modern with the old jumping kangaroo logo on the fin and the title 'AUSTRALIAN' on the fuselage.

Boeing 737-300s and 737-400s were added to the fleet.
The most modern airliners from the TAA fleet also saw service in the new Australian Airlines fleet the largest type was the Airbus A300 wide body jet.
The airline lost it's identity when the QANTAS Group purchased the airline in 1992.

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