Australian Airlines Qantas Owned



Known As: Australian Airlines

Full Name: Australian Airlines Ltd.

Country: Australia

Call sign: Australian

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Brief History

Australian Airlines was a full-service airline based in Australia, servicing Australian and Asian destinations between 2001 and 2006.

It was an all economy, full service international leisure carrier and was a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas Airways, although run independently of the mainline carrier. Its main base was at Cairns International Airport (CNS), with a secondary hub at Sydney airport (SYD).

The airline ceased operations under its own livery on 28 July 2006 but continued to operate flights for Qantas under a 'wet leasing' agreement. This means Australian Airlines operated flights for Qantas using its own crew / cost base but under the Qantas brand.

Qantas decided to discontinue the public use of the Australian Airlines brand in favour of having Jetstar Airways as its leisure carrier.

Jetstar International was introduced in late 2006 to help expand the Qantas Group's international presence.

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