Known As: Ansett Australia

Full Name: Ansett Australia Holdings Ltd.

Country: Australia

Call sign: Ansett

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Brief History

Ansett Airways commenced operations with its first flight from Hamilton to Melbourne on 17 February 1936 operated by a single engine Fokker Universal.

Its last flight operated by an Airbus A320 (as Ansett Airlines) departed from Perth shortly before midnight on 04 March 2002 arriving in Sydney about 6am on 05 March.
In between these dates the airline progressed from having one plane operating one short route to covering all Australian states and territories with the most comprehensive route network
and some 133 aircraft, carrying around 13 million people a year.

In addition the Ansett empire grew to include road freight (Ansett Freight Express), passenger bus and tours (Ansett Pioneer), TV (Channel 0 in Melbourne & Brisbane), Hotels (Gateway Inn) and other operations. 

Interests in Diners Club Australia, a finance company, Associated Securities and Biro Bic were also held at different times.

In the airline business Ansett Airways took over the much larger private enterprise airline Australian National Airways in 1957 as the latter was about to go out of business due to bankruptcy.

This was followed by the acquisition of Butler Air Transport (later Airlines of New South Wales), Queensland Airlines, Guinea Airways (Airlines of South Australia), Mac Robertson Miller Airlines (Airlines of WA).

Airlines of South Australia was closed in 1986 while the others were integrated into Ansett Airlines during the 1980's.

Other airlines that were acquired at later dates were Kendell Airlines, Hazelton Airlines and Skywest